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Wisps is an immersive installation representing the energy present in all living beings, usually invisible to the naked eye.

Like moving auras, particles fly around the trees in beautiful curves, to create a hypnotic ballet of lights. Projecting a glow that plays with the volumes of the tree, revealing their branches and foliage with their luminous flux.

Wisps is a large-scale installation made up of 30 pieces that celebrates life and the magic of nature.

Artist | Pitaya

Pitaya is a French creative studio founded by David Lesort and Arnaud Giroud who use the medium of light for a more artistic and empathetic vision. Over 15 years ago they debuted with 30 huge original light chandeliers for the Festival of Lights in Lyon and ever since have continuously developed new work for exhibits worldwide.


Wisps by Pitaya

Weihnachts-Wunderwelt, Germany

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