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Two in the Hand

A light installation by Geraldine Pilgrim. From the white doves of peace to the blue birds of happiness, Two in the Hand, celebrates how the simplicity of seeing birds in a tree can bring joy to us all.

Artist | Geraldine Pilgrim

Geraldine Pilgrim works across the visual arts and theatre and is known for her evocative installations and participatory site-specific performances which create a contemporary dialogue with occupied and empty buildings, historic houses, and landscapes. 

Her site work specialises in installations and performances in unusual buildings and landscapes where the architecture of the site is used as inspiration and narrative, gradually revealing memories and atmospheres that have built up over the years, together with the history - imagined and real - of the space. 

Her installations and performances have taken place in empty Office Blocks, Schools, Hotels, Swimming Pools, Factories and Hospitals as well as Castles, Stately Homes and Public Parks. 

Geraldine trained as a fine artist and theatre designer and has been commissioned by Heritage organisations including: Harewood House, National Railway Museum York, 14-18 NOW, National Trust, English Heritage, and the Royal Pavilion Brighton. She also created and leads part time an MA in site-specific theatre practice for Mountview in partnership with Shoreditch Town Hall.


Two in the Hand by Geraldine Pilgrim

Christmas at Kew

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