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Mycelium Network

The mushrooms slowly transition through several colours whilst the mycelium strobes and pulses and almost looks as if its moving around and sending messages around like the human bodies nervous system.

Mycelium Network includes three main concepts, colour changing clusters of mushrooms, the mycelium network, and most importantly, the animation of the mycelium, which represents the root structure being alive and communicating. Two separate fibre optic light sources and fibre optic bundles are used for this. One for the mushrooms stipes and caps and one for the mycelium which makes the roots look like they re moving around and communicating.

Artist | Stevie Thompson 

Stevie Thompson a light installation artist specialising in fibre optic lighting, founder of Custom Fibre Optics. His approach of creating customised installations with a theme of flora and fauna is truly unique, and his ability to seamlessly integrate his artwork with the environment makes the installations feel like a natural part of their surroundings.

 He offers a range of exclusive and innovative lighting services and products that beautifully compliment a wide variety of interiors, gardens and architecture which give huge impact and wow factor. 


Mycelium Network by Custom Fibre Optics

Christmas at Dunham Massey

Christmas at Wimpole

Christmas at Stourhead

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