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Moonlight Flowers

A field of 22 flowers beautiful at day and night time. Each up to 3.5m in height and made from 3D steel covered with UV and with small LED bulb spheres placed in the crown of the flowers to create stamen like elements, that have a special glow and animated sparkly effect.

All myths of creation cite an idea as the beginning: a consciousness, a thought, a word, an idea. The evolution of life coming into being because of a thought and idea is wonderfully poetic. Almost like a dream or an inspiration or a creative spark that takes shape, creates, evolves and finally coming to life.   Like a line that grows, finding its way, searching, ever evolving and creating an ephemeral blossoming.   We dream of a field of single-lined flowers that gently growing and reaching to the sky. An abstract Eden, a vision of life in all its beauty and shine.

Artist | OGE Design Group

Artists Merav Eitan (1974) and Gaston Zahr (1975) are trained architects. While Eitan studied at the art academy in Jerusalem, Zahr studied at the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus. In 2007 they founded their design studio OGE Design Group in Haifa and became the artistic directors of the Jerusalem Light Festival. OGE Design Group has designed several light artworks, which all aim to evoke an emotion from the viewer in a playful way. Sometimes the artworks do that through an interaction of sorts and other times by recalling memories and experiences.


Moonlight Flowers by OGE Group

Christmas at Kew

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