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Flower Avenue

Flower Avenue by UK-based artist Jigantics and local lighting designer John Stewart is one of the largest works in their collection of illuminated flowers which tour worldwide.

Bursting with light, colour, energy and imagination these giant illuminated flowers captivate and engage, evoking feelings of awe and wonder and igniting a sense of warmth and excitement in any environment. 

Artists| Jigantics & John A Stewart

Jigantics was set up by Jig Cochrane in 2007 after 20 years of working in illuminated arts and community arts projects worldwide. He was co-founder of Rise Phoenix (Balkans children arts charity 1991 to 2001) and the giant puppet project in Cambodia 2007 (still active). 

In 2007 Jig began building and designing a forest of flowers and now owns the largest collection of illuminated flowers worldwide.

John A Stewart is thrilled to be working in his home town. Although late to discover the San Diego Botanical Gardens, John is happy to return for a second season of Lightscape. With a background in designing Lighting for Theatre that segued into broadcast, live events, music, sports and corporate productions John is very comfortable illuminating living creations of all types. When offered the chance to wander the SDBG at sunset and see what his lighting toolkit could add to natures abundance the only right answer was YES. Please enjoy the intersection of light, shadow and playful beauty that is Lightscape 23.


Flower Avenue by Jigantics and John Stewart

Lightscape, San Diego Botanic Garden

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