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Firework Trees

Fireworks of light shoot through the tree branches, bringing the air to colourful life, all set to an atmospheric winter soundtrack with the sounds of exploding and dazzling fireworks.

The trees are dressed with hundreds of individually controlled lights to create the sights and sounds of a real firework display. As the sparks of light shoot from branch to branch and along the ground from tree to tree, they crackle and pop supported by ‘explosions’ of coloured light that fills the skies behind them.

Artist | ITHACA Studio

ITHACA Studio is a group of award-winning experimenters who combine art, music and technology to make magical experiences with sound and light. ITHACA Studio specialise in outdoor installations combining light art, music and sound design. 

Since 2012 they’ve been creating site-specific work that appeals to multi-demographic audiences. Building on their foundations as a creative audio-visual production studio, they are interested in the opportunities presented by remixing technology and narrative in new ways and unusual locations.

ITHACA Studio is based in Brighton, UK and Chicago, US.


Firework Trees by ITHACA Studio

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