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Fire Dancers

Fire Dancers is inspired by Christmas table-top chimes and happy memories of celebratory gatherings. The installation symbolises joyful expression, human unity and gentle optimism.

Fire is a vital component of some ecosystems ensuring cones release their seeds, allowing sunlight in to encourage new growth and helping seeds germinate. But as the climate is changing increased drought and higher temperatures are damaging ecosystems in areas now prone to too many intense fires.

Artists |  Maria Hingerty & Brian Thunder (Culture Creative Fire Producer)

Originally from a theatre background, Maria co-produced Theatre of Fire 1989-1999 and was associate director of the World Famous from 1999-2013, both companies creating large scale outdoor spectacles in a great diversity of environments from local community to international festivals. Working with a talented group of artists, Maria specialised in creating events, both perambulatory and arena style, re-imagining unusual spaces for performance, and using fire and fireworks as integral elements of storytelling.

Brian Thunder has been setting things alight professionally since 1991. Using fire, fireworks, theatre, music, and art, he has been a core team member of world-leading companies producing spectacular outdoor arts programmes.

Joining the core team in 2021, Brian is responsible for design and delivery of fire installations on trails worldwide.


Fire Dancers by Maria Hingerty and Brian Thunder (Culture Creative)

Christmas at the Botanics

Christmas at Blenheim Palace

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