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Crystal Garden

A truly magical experience, made up of clusters of glowing shards that illuminate the dark night. Perhaps newly frozen ice – fitting for a fantastical winter landscape – or maybe ancient crystals sprung up from an underground magical grotto, they sparkle and shimmer with colour, creating a breath-taking and enchanting display.

Artist | Output Arts 

Output Arts is an art collective founded in 2009 making site-specific, interactive and participatory artworks and experiences.

Output Arts brings together traditional and modern artistic techniques to produce playful and poignant works that surprise and delight.

They work with a variety of physical and time-based material – sometimes researched from people or a place – combined with thoughtful and careful use of digital technology.

Past works have distilled the subtle movements of the wind and breeze, the experience of a passing storm and the subterranean movements of the earth itself, translating these massive natural phenomena into stunning animated light installations for intimate contemplation.

Output Arts is a partnership between artists Andy D'Cruz and Jonathan Hogg.


Crystal Garden by Output Arts

Christmas at Kingston Lacy

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