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In 2020 in partnership with Sony Music, Culture Creative launched its first outdoor Ignite Trails themed around fire and light.

Category: Content Creation, Project Management and Event Management

Event Type: Fire and Light Trail

Services: Content Creation, Production Planning, Event Management, Partnership Management, Client Liaison

Years: 2020 to present

Attendance: 15-20,000 per event

Partnerships: Sony Music, National Trust

Location: various

Country: England


In 2020, working with Sony Music, we launched our first Ignite Trail in partnership with the National Trust. These trails are not Christmas related and take place throughout the year, including the October and February school holiday period. They feature fire sculptures, wicker work, metal work, fairies in lanterns, glowing mushrooms and the unusual – tea cups, lamps and top hats – a trail of light, fantasy and fire.

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