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Winter Waterland

This year's spectacular finale show at Kew set against the backdrop of the iconic Palm House.


Based in Edinburgh, Lightworks have been creating award winning site responsive lighting design, immersive light art and spectacular show pieces together since 2013. Their work takes them all over; from rooftops to woodlands, military bases to museums where they specialise in blurring the lines between different creative media. Their mission is always to create experiences an audience will never forget.

Lasers by Definitive Special Projects Ltd which is run by a long-established team who have many years experience in the laser light show industry, as well as relevant qualifications specific to lasers and optics

Fountains provided by Sense Effects who create unique and spectacular shows using water fountains that can be individually adjusted in height to create movements and shapes from water, in time to music. They specialise in developing water shows and splashing water effects at events. Using special equipment with a time code, they create unique shows whereby they programme and coordinate water, light, fire, fireworks, CO2 and other effects completely to the beat of the music.

Sound by Rachel Cullen


Winter Waterland 

Designed and created by Lightworks
Sound by Rachel Cullen
Lasers by Definitive Special Projects
Fountains provided by Sense Effects

Christmas at Kew

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