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Whisper of the Heart

It always starts with a whisper - a rumour,
inaudible at first, a sound and then a melody, a
meaning - the message of the upcoming:
the spring, freedom and change for the better.

We are deeply inspired by those moments inbetween the worlds - when new beginnings and ideas are starting to shape; thoughts are manifested and the world is changing... 

to a whisper of the heart...

Change, like dreams and ideas, is created inbetween the conscious and unconscious; driven by only a thought or idea or a word or a melody that yearns for realization. A dive into the unknown, no plan, no clear pathforward; but carried on the wings of hope, dreams and visions of the future ... Like birds singing for the spring to come ...

Artist | OGE Group

Israeli artist Merav Eitan (1974) and German artist Gaston Zahr (1975) are trained architects. While Eitan studied at the art academy in Jerusalem, Zahr studied at the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus. In 2007 they founded their design studio OGE Group in Haifa and became the artistic directors of the Jerusalem Light Festival. OGE Group has designed several light artworks, which all aim to evoke an emotion from the viewer in a playful way. Sometimes the artworks do that through an interaction of sorts and other times by recalling memories and experiences.


Whisper of the Heart, by OGE Group

Christmas at Bedgebury

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