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The Departure

The Departure recreates the experience of dolphins playfully riding the wake of people’s boats, as they do in the ocean.

Catching a glimpse of a wild dolphin pod is always an exhilarating experience and people often feel closely connected to these animals. While this can be an enchanting experience, looking closer the beautiful glow of the dolphins’ surface has a slightly dappled or marbled appearance due to the amount of digested plastic waste it has ‘consumed’, drawing attention to the problems caused by plastic waste.

Artist | Studio Vertigo

Studio Vertigo is an art and design collective based in the UK and founded by artists Lucy McDonnell and Stephen Newby to explore the relationship between objects, viewers and their environment. The studio creates light installations and sculpture for international exhibition. Their work can be seen this year at various light festivals around the UK, Amsterdam Light Festival, Lightworks Copenhagen and Vivid Sydney.


The Departure by Studio Vertigo

Lanterns & Lights, Chester Zoo

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