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A place where physics meets art and art meets fun. Using the principles of the primary colours of light and additive colour mixing, we create a lighting world that appears neutral until you enter - and then your shadows are fractured into magical colours.

Lighting Designer | Declan Randall

Declan Randall has been a lighting, set and projection designer for more than 25 years and has more than 500 production credits to his name. His work has been seen all around the world including on London's West End and Broadway and his theatrical credits include Starlight Express (South Africa), Sister Act (South Africa), Macbeth and King Lear (Guildford Shakespeare Company) and Pride and Prejudice (Beijing). In addition to his theatrical credits, Declan has also designed the lighting for films, television, themed attractions and numerous architectural projects. This is his third year lighting the Christmas Trail at Bedgebury.


Shadowland by Declan Randall

Christmas at Bedgebury

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