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Rays of Light

Beams of light in different colours rise up to create a magnificent linear rainbow.

Artist | Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson is the Senior Lighting Designer at Culture Creative and has worked as a lighting designer and practitioner across a wide spectrum of disciplines for thirty years. He has worked extensively as a theatrical lighting designer, as well as designing and running many large commercial projects in the live events industry, and designing and overseeing stage lighting for several feature films.

Artist | Electric Foundry

Electric Foundry based in the UK specialise in the specification and delivery of scenic illumination, set electrics and custom fixtures, bridging the gap between artistic concept and electrical systems. 

The team work with lighting designers and artists to realise their works, be it making two thousand tungsten light bulbs sparkle for the ITV’s Royal Variety Show, or providing kilometers of LED and control for Immersive Everywhere’s new Dr Who experience under Bond Street. 


Rays of Light by Tony Simpson & Electric Foundry

Christmas at Stourhead

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