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Ocean of Glass

Ocean of Glass uses a series of glass block walls, arranged at an angle, much like a solar array, in conjunction with dynamic backlighting and beam lighting to transform these ordinary construction materials into an elevated sculptural object evoking a glittering and shimmering ocean of glass.

Artist |  Scot Gianelli 

Scot Gianelli  is a multi-disciplinary lighting designer and with an extensive background in theatre, fine art, special events and architecture. Scot’s focus is in using this diverse background to cultivate original and singular work that explores the way those often divergent mediums interact, overlap, and blend into each other. His passion is creating engaging work in which the vibrant aesthetic and technological innovations of lighting are married together into a unique, harmonious and engaging new experience for people in both the public and private sphere.

Scot worked for several years in New York City and is currently based in Los Angeles. He has travelled around the globe, having collaborated on projects around the United States and in Europe and Asia.


Ocean of Glass by Scot Gianelli

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