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Nova and Supernova

A Nova is a transient astronomical event which causes a star to quickly increase the strength of the light it emits.This dramatic process takes place when a star reignites after lying dormant for many years.

The Nova artwork is based on the mythical Star of the East which astronomers now believe was actually a nova. For a brief moment, the explosion of supernovas is so powerful and luminous that they have been known to outshine an entire galaxy.

The artwork is a bold sculptural form, a visually complex lantern that also comes to life with smoke effects. Hundreds of thousands of laser profiled apertures allow the internal light source to shine through the core onto its reflective metal surface, creating swirling galaxy patterns and projecting a stellar explosion onto the ground.

Artist | Studio Vertigo

Studio Vertigo is an art and design collective based in the UK and founded by artists Lucy McDonnell and Stephen Newby to explore the relationship between objects, viewers and their environment. The studio creates light installations and sculpture for international exhibition. Their work can be seen this year at various light festivals around the UK, Amsterdam Light Festival, Lightworks Copenhagen and Vivid Sydney.


Nova by Studio Vertigo

Christmas at Dunham Massey 

Christmas at Wimpole

Supernova by Studio Vertigo

Lightscape, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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