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Neon Gallopers

Neon Gallopers is the twilight dream where carousel horses go when the fair has gone to bed. This take on a nostalgic classic has been turned into a modern illumination continuing the story of these beautiful iconic beasts.

During the daytime, the gallopers parade around showing off their painted splendour, dressed by skilled artists. As night falls, you are welcomed into their magical world, lighting the way as you wander through woodlands, or over the crest of a hill, to find them prancing about. Each horse canters to its own beat as a delicate sound and light show fills the area with colour and texture further immersing you in this magical fairground utopia. From America to Europe, carousels were once a staple at the fair. This neon twist will have the audience riding away with a great sense of nostalgia and discovery-the gallopers appeal to the whole family.

Artist | Fraser Alexander Martin (Ballyhoo Design Company) 

Fraser is an Edinburgh based, live events lighting designer. From living under the lights of a big top with a trad circus to touring more contemporary circus and theatre around the world, Fraser’s work shows a passion for circus and fairgrounds. With a new direction of installation work and design, Fraser wishes to open up conversations about sustainability at the heart of design.


Neon Gallopers by Fraser Alexander Martin

Christmas at Heaton Park

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