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In Japanese culture the crane is a mystical creature that is said to live for a thousand years.
They have come to represent good fortune and longevity, a symbol of hope and healing through challenging times.

The artwork is a faithful representation of origami cranes. They are built from folded 4.5mm natural recycled polypropylene, with structural elements created using folding techniques found in origami. The lights are internal 12v LED and illuminate the entire body of the cranes from within, acting as glowing lanterns.

Artist | Studio Vertigo

Studio Vertigo is an art and design collective based in the UK and founded by artists Lucy McDonnell and Stephen Newby to explore the relationship between objects, viewers and their environment. The studio creates light installations and sculpture for international exhibition. Their work can be seen this year at various light festivals around the UK, Amsterdam Light Festival, Lightworks Copenhagen and Vivid Sydney.


Cranes by Studio Vertigo

Christmas at Belton

Christmas at Wimpole

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