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Kathy Holowko

Kathy Holowko's six 'Botanical Lanterns' are new commissions positioned at different points of the trail.

Kathy Holowko creates sculptural works, installations, public art and playful projects in a variety of media. She has a Masters in Fine Art and her work has previously been shown at Federation Square, NGV, White Night, National Wool Museum, Sculpture by The Sea, South Australia Museum, Melbourne Knowledge Week, ArtPlay, Bendigo Conservatory, Montalto, Utrecht University Museum, City of Yarra Plinth, and BAK Gallery in the Netherlands amongst others.  
For this year’s Lightscape artist Kathy Holowko was invited to step through the doorway of the Herbarium and found a dendric pattern of interesting narratives that branch out in many directions. This wonderful adventure informs a new artwork that consists of six large Botanical Lanterns. Art like science, is a doorway into history, culture and evolution. Lured by the aesthetics of the Herbarium, and guided by the Collection Curator Alison Vaughan, to concentrate on six themes detailed below, each 'Botanical Lantern' reveals some of the historical and contemporary stories housed within the National Herbarium of Victoria.  

With the help of the specialist horticulture team, Kathy has collected living samples from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne and Cranbourne. These have been dried and pressed, in a similar manner to the collection of Herbaria, and are literally embedded in the work.

Click here for details on each of the 6 Botanical Lanterns along the Lightscape trail.



  • Mueller’s Botanical Legacy   

  • Mueller’s Female Collectors - 19th Century Citizen Scientists

  • The Conservation Collection - Rare and Threatened Plants

  • Plant Genomics - Decoding Diversity

  • Ferns for the Future - Victorian Conservation

  • Collection  Plants and Medicine - the Origins of Herbaria

Lightscape, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

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