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Nautilus Forest

The Nautilus Forest draws from both nature and precise geometry to create an illuminated forest of spiralling trees. The captivating and hypnotic form of the spiral has long been a source of magic and fascination to humankind.

The subject of lengthy mathematic study and the inspiration for much ornamentation, the spiral is an untamed, organic phenomena, but perfect in its reasoned geometry. 

The branches of the forest ripple and pulse with colour. Sometimes shooting off in independent patterns, sometimes rippling as one unified tree and sometimes sweeping magnificent hues of light across the whole forest.

Each of the trees stands up to 4.5m tall; together they merge into a meandering forest that entices visitors to lose themselves within.

Artist | Mandylights 

Since 2006, they have created incredible concert, broadcast theatre, special event, and light artwork experiences in over 50 countries around the world.


Nautilus Forest by Mandylights

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