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Limbic Cinema

Circa at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens this Christmas, is a large-scale light sculpture that explores circadian rhythms and reflects circannual light levels at any given location.

Each of the twelve light fixtures represent the average lightfall over one month of the year at the location it is exhibited; creating a three-dimensional clock that reflects the light and dark cycles of the location.

Light is the primary zeitgeber (time-giver) and is, therefore, the most responsible factor for entraining circadian rhythms in multicellular lifeforms such as plants, animals, and humans.

The installation is accompanied by a tightly synchronised spatial sound design by Joe Acheson (Hidden Orchestra) that has been designed to pan over stereo, so that the sound travels with the light across the sculpture.

Circa was developed with the support of scientist Anne Vischer at Kew Gardens in the UK. It was originally commissioned by Shrinking Space as part of The Wonder Project and was first exhibited at Vivid Sydney in Australia in 2019 for six weeks, the festival had over 1.5 million visitors.

Limbic Cinema is an award-winning multimedia design studio that specialises in projection mapping and immersive video environments.

Creative use of technology is integral to their particular approach to storytelling, allowing them to transform spaces and transport audiences in new and exciting ways.

From architectural projection mapping on urban facades, to light sculptures in public gardens, their work takes a rich variety of forms according to the individual aims of the project.



Christmas at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens

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