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Earth Tones

Inspired by the traditions and iconography of Christmas, the changing fashions of the festive season and the botanical heritage of Kew Gardens.

As part of the development of Earth Tones, NOVAK was given access to Kew’s extensive archive of botanical illustrations, which presented an immeasurable source of inspiration, as well as providing materials to be used in the creation of the work. Woven into the artwork are many elements lifted directly from Kew’s archive, which are presented alongside original creations.

Earth Tones reimagines the use of these beautiful archival images and in doing so NOVAK have created an enticing sequence of new and inspiring animated designs.

Accompanying the visuals is a newly crafted score by composer Ed Carter.

Inspired by a number of Christmas classics from across the generations, creating a vibrant and emotive musical layer that perfectly compliments the visual imagery.

Artist | NOVAK

NOVAK is a creative studio producing innovative and ambitious art and design projects.  Specialising  in video design and immersive experiences, this encompasses projection mapping, art and museum installations, stage visuals for music artists and video accompaniments for theatre, dance and events.

NOVAK’s work and skillsets seamlessly blend between their own innovative art installations and video designs created in collaboration with theatre directors, choreographers, museum curators, and other creative associates.

Their art installations are often site-specific and on a grand and spectacular scale, that transforms and reimagines locations into extraordinary displays of colour and motion. These works explore a wide variety of themes, often including geographically relevant historic and cultural narratives that resonate deeply with audiences.

NOVAK’s work within the realms of theatre and dance provides spectacular backdrops and immersive environments for performances to be enveloped within. Their arresting designs elevate narratives, augment performances and greatly enhance audience experiences.    

NOVAK has presented work throughout the world and at some of the most highly regarded arts festivals, including the UK’s largest light festival, Lumiere (London, Durham and Derry-Londonderry), Brighton Festival and the internationally renowned Singapore Night Festival. Their work has been commissioned by the likes of Bloomberg, Google, MTV and has featured alongside many celebrated musicians including Disclosure, Calvin Harris and Jean-Michel Jarre.


Earth Tones by NOVAK

Christmas at Kew

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