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Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect, by Masamichi Shimada, courtesy of Light Art Collection. Six gigantic butterflies have landed on the surface of the land or the water. The butterflies rise and fall with the movement of their bright blue glow against the dark night.

At first sight, the artwork seems to portray a peaceful, almost magical scene. But with his artwork Butterfly Effect, Masamichi Shimada attempts to portray how something as delicate as a butterfly can possess such immense power. Much like the rest of Masamichi’s oeuvre, the artwork has a positive outlook on the world. The artist emphasises that even though problems and challenges are seemingly big, a small act of just one person can make all the difference.

Artist | Masamichi Shimada

Originally a Motion designer, Masamichi Shimada (JP, 1978) has beenfocused on creating light art for many years. In his installations, Shimada combines light and a range of other materials such as wood, paper,metal, and plastic. For international exhibitions at museums andfestivals, he often finds inspiration in stories that are unique to the local culture.


Butterfly Effect, by Masamichi Shimada, courtesy of Light Art Collection

Christmas at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens

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