Taylor Dean Harrison

Originally created for Burning Man 2019, Syzygy is comprised of five impressive 15ft tall sculptures that cast shadow and light onto the ground to create colorful flower-inspired patterns.

Taylor Dean Harrison creates mixed-media sculptures and installations. In all of his work, light and movement apply a meter to the viewer’s investigation of, and participation in, each piece. Color fields cast light and shadow across static materials and space inspiring novel interactions with the art.

With each creation, Harrison aims to craft an alternative universe with an order based on a mathematical system. Then he brings that universe alive with more painterly approaches, implementing handwork and moving light. These manifestations of order and subsequent departures result in spaces and objects built for suffusive moments of mental peace.

In his practice rooted in parametric design, Harrison adopts technique and research from cutting-edge industrial processes. He explores generative forms and color theory to play with the physical boundaries of the eye and the expectations of the brain. Once finished in the digital realm, Harrison uses CNC processes to bring his works into the physical world.

Taylor Dean Harrison’s artworks have toured festivals and fairs internationally, exhibited in galleries and museums, and been purchased for private collections. Harrison collaborates deeply with Henry David Richardson, a cutting edge digital designer. He attended art school at UC Berkeley, and apprenticed under Michael Christian, a seminal Burning Man and public artist. Harrison has worked professionally as a designer, fabricator, and artist in a wide-range of materials since 2012.



Lightscape, Los Angeles Arboretum