Sound Intervention

Two Luminosi trees soaring to over 6m high light up Bedgebury Pinetum this Christmas.

The lighting on the trees responds to sound and the work will be accompanied by a soundscape of nature and wildlife including the Common Toad and four migratory birds that are known to visit Bedgebury - the Long-tailed Tit, Hawfinch, Goldcrest and Red Crossbill. The other sounds are a layer of chimes and bells and a deep gamelan gong, and a layer of aeolian sound recordings from an installation called Howling Wire by the artist Dan Fox. These sounds create real-time moving light patterns and colours up the trunks, around the branches and in the globes.

This new work is the creation of Dan Fox, director of Sound Intervention who is a sound artist, musician and installation creator. Sound Intervention works on diverse projects often outdoors in public spaces, and with a network of visual artists, makers, musicians, and technicians.


Luminosi Trees

Christmas at Bedgebury