Output Arts

Output Arts is an art collective founded in 2009 making site-specific, interactive and participatory artworks and experiences.

Output Arts brings together traditional and modern artistic techniques to produce playful and poignant works that surprise and delight.

They work with a variety of physical and time-based material – sometimes researched from people or a place – combined with thoughtful and careful use of digital technology.

Past works have distilled the subtle movements of the wind and breeze, the experience of a passing storm and the subterranean movements of the earth itself, translating these massive natural phenomena into stunning animated light installations for intimate contemplation.

Output Arts is a partnership between artists Andy D'Cruz and Jonathan Hogg.

CRYSTAL GARDEN - is a truly magical experience, made up of clusters of glowing shards that illuminate the dark night. Perhaps newly frozen ice – fitting for a fantastical winter landscape – or maybe ancient crystals sprung up from an underground magical grotto, they sparkle and shimmer with colour, creating a breath-taking and enchanting display.

GLOW draws on the ancient traditions of the evergreen tree – celebrated in Winter as a promise of Spring – and the flickering light of candles that bring cheer to the long nights.

Reduced to their essential form, the simple geometric trees are rooted in heritage while celebrating the contemporary. The piece provides an intimate warming glow on cold dark nights, a symbol of hope through the winter season.

MOTHERS OF THE FOREST is a bold new commission for 2021 which will be debuted at Christmas at Bedgebury. The piece takes its name and shape from the Grandidier’s Baobab tree, a strange and majestic native of Madagascar. The trees have long provided, from food and medicine to rope and thatch – some say they are a dwelling place for spirits. Now critically endangered, the trees stand as a reminder of our fragile relationship with home.


Crystal Garden

Christmas at Gibside


Christmas at Temple Newsam

Mothers of the Forest 

Christmas at Bedgebury