Fog-Man Enterprises

Fog-Man Enterprises supply creative laser beam shows, laser animation, video projection, audio, and lighting for concerts, festivals and events.

Fog-Man Enterprises based in Colorado have laser light shows on three Lightscape trails this year.

San Antonio Botanical Garden using two lasers to create a relaxing and hypnotic liquid sky effect just above the surface of the water at the Japanese Garden. Working with local laser artists the effect will terminate below the spectator and path, close to the waterline creating a small oasis of serenity on the trail.

Chicago Botanic Garden will be programmed to upbeat music creating impact with an immersive 2-laser display across water.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden visitors will enjoy a mesmerizing laser effect across the pond and an interactive laser effect using a single bright beam of light that will meander across the winding path, and bounce off mirrors over a distance of approximately 450 feet. In Brooklyn, Fog-Man Enterprises are working with local artists from Challenge Your Imagination (CYI) and NY LSOs to create this unusual effect.


Laser Pond

Lightscape, San Antonio Botanical Garden

Lightscape Laser Show

Lightscape, Chicago Botanic Garden

Laser Pond

Lightscape, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Laser Pathway

Lightscape, Brooklyn Botanic Garden