Cristina Ottonello

Cristina Ottonello is an artist and designer specialising in public art and in the creation of large-scale temporary installations with a strong visual impact and wide-reaching public involvement.

Her work uses a surreal approach to the world of nature that is reinvented as an irreverent fantasy of intriguing objects and wonderful creatures that provide an unexpected and fairytale presence in the urban landscape. 

All her work is site-specific and designed for public use including urban regeneration projects for open spaces and play parks; mobile light installations and set design for large-scale events. The surprising character of these works is always based on a careful evaluation of urban spaces and the audience.

With over twenty years of experience, Cristina has developed her own instantly recognisable theatrical style full of irony and surprise. Her gigantic picnics, illuminated teapots, colossal hummingbirds, floating structures of coloured fabrics have been seen in many iconic sites throughout the UK and Italy.

Her work 'Snowflake Park' will be at Christmas at Dunham Massey this year and trail favourite Heart Walk at Christmas at Belton.


Heart Walk

Christmas at Belton

Snowflake Park 

Christmas at Dunham Massey