Crescent Moon Events

An avenue of ornate chandeliers leading viewers on a magical journey through the trees at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens.

This Chandelier Walkway creates mystery and excitement as if the viewer were like Alice being taken into Wonderland...  

The majesty, elegance and beauty that chandeliers have given interior spaces for hundreds of years will be recreated in the gardens of Hillsborough Castle this Christmas. Within ballrooms and galleries, their dazzling rays of light and stunning designs create atmospheres of romance and wonder and have been part of the visual imagery of fairytales and stories for hundreds of years. Here, in the stunning gardens of Hillsborough Castle this Christmas,  visitors can also enter into a fairytale land and feel the possibility of their own lives being part of a magical story...

Crescent Moon Events works in event design and decoration, specialising in the design manufacture and supply of chandeliers. They supply giant chandeliers to film production companies at Shepperton Studios and Warner Brothers Studios for upcoming films including, ‘Tom and Jerry’, ‘Cruella’ and ‘The Eternals’. They also supply television, for shows ‘The Greatest Dancer’ on BBC1, ‘XFactor’ and ‘Britains Got Talent’ on ITV.


Chandelier Walkway

Christmas at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens