Cabinet of Curiosity

Cabinet of Curiosity create a forest of brightly coloured pin wheel flowers spinning at various heights and speeds.

Cabinet of Curiosity is composed of diverse project-by-project collectives who authentically collaborate on original celebrations and productions. Cabinet uses sophisticated puppetry and handmade devices to develop unique interactive experiences, productions, and events. They focus on creating new types of gatherings, ceremonies, and rituals which promote community and interactivity amongst people who may not normally mix. 

Their intention is to support multi-cultural professionals in the field of theatre, visual arts, dance, sculpture and music, while mindfully training high school and college age apprentices to become the future creators of new meaningful rituals.

Cabinet of Curiosity embrace commissions which require unique elements of engineering, ritual, ceremony, procession, and pageantry. These commissions create funding that establishes an innovative revenue stream, and funds their free and greatly discounted public work. They are committed to social engagement — both grand and intimate. Their purpose is to promote curiosity, community and culture.


The Whirling Orchard

Lightscape, San Antonio Botanical Garden