ArtAV is a technical and creative studio with over 20 years of experience delivering unique audiovisual solutions. Their work features in theatres, live shows, and public events.

ArtAV's in-house workshops and electronics lab produces custom structures and electronics for temporary or permanent installation.

This year, they are installing several works - a glowing Christmas coloured Geo Forest in the UK and the US, several Heart Arch walk-throughs, a striking border of Rainbow Trees, a Giant Tree, Aquarius - a collection of stars at Kew Palm House Pond, and a fun walk-through Bulb Farm. They have also created giant illuminated letters for the venue names which can be seen at the start of some of the trails. 

In the US, ArtAV are installing their 2020 works Triangulate which was hugely popular at Blenheim and Bedgebury, and Starfield which was a true show-stopper in Edinburgh last year.


Geo Forest 

Christmas at the Botanics, Christmas at Bedgebury, Lightscape at Houston Botanic Garden, Lightscape in Los Angeles Arboretum, 


Lightscape at Houston Botanic Garden


Lightscape at Houston Botanic Garden

Giant Letters

Christmas at the Botanics, Christmas at Kew, Christmas at Blenheim Palace, Christmas at Bedgebury, Christmas at Belton, Christmas at Stourhead

Bulb Farm 

Christmas at Kingston Lacy

Rainbow Trees

Christmas at Kingston Lacy, Christmas at Kew

Heart Arch Walk

Christmas at Dunham Massey, Christmas at Belton, Christmas at Stourhead, Christmas at Killerton, Christmas at Kingston Lacy


Christmas at Kew

Giant Tree

Christmas at Blenheim Palace