Amelia Kosminsky

Amelia Kosminsky is a visual artist focusing in video design, light sculpture and photography.

Amelia’s practice is focused on slowing life down to have time to see the beauty around us. A large part of this practice is influenced by her experience with hidden disabilities including epilepsy and mental health difficulties which are explored within her work. Having photosensitive epilepsy has resulted in a fascination with light. All these conditions feed into her work which is predominately peaceful, contemplative, and quiet, using light as a medium to produce striking images that contrast with the harshness of urban living. 

Phantasma is a visual transformation of a public space into a prism-like world, using super-saturated colour effects to create an environment in which vibrant colours produce a changing emotional impact as the audience move through the installation. Seen from afar, the piece resembles a mesmerising prism of light. Once inside, everything in the world appears bathed in a single colour.

This experiential piece literally offers light at the end of the tunnel. Using colour psychology and visual perception, it tricks the eye and reshapes sensation and emotion. It explores the connections between vision and the other senses, creating an oasis where the public can enjoy a moment of serenity and calm.

This piece is dedicated to both Amelia's friend Alan Jacobi and her cousin Charlie Marriage, both of whom are sorely missed.


Phantasma, Christmas at Kew