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In 2018 we launched our first indoor experience at Blenheim Palace which was themed around Cinderella. In 2019 we produced Alice in the Palace and followed by The story of The Nutcracker in 2021.

Category: Content Creation, Project Management and Event Management

Event Type: Indoor Experience

Services: Content Creation, Production Planning, Event Management, Partnership Management, Client Liaison

Years: 2019

Attendance: 70,000 +

Partnerships: Sony Music, Blenheim Palace

Location: Blenheim Palace

Country: England


Alice in the Palace was an indoor trail created through the Palace Rooms in Blenheim Palace. Our creative team based in Northumberland created the concept, props, and decorations and installed them in the Palace rooms.

The creative for our indoor trails is led by BAFTA award-winning artist Clare Elliott based in our studios in Northumberland. Clare has designed puppets, costumes and props for various TV programmes including Wind in the Willows, The Reluctant Dragon, Noddy, Bill and Ben and Postman Pat and brings her wealth of experience to our indoor trails which are created to tell these wonderful stories to visitors through the use of large-scale and miniature, intricate props.

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