Culture Creative was commissioned to create the opening launch event for this new £100m Titanic Belfast visitor attraction.

Category: Consultancy & Event Management

Event Type: Launch Celebration

Services: Consultancy, Event Management, Creative Production

Attendance: 60,000

Partnerships: Belfast City Council, Visit Northern Ireland

Location: Belfast

Country: Northern Ireland 

Following an indepth piece of consultancy work with Festivals and Events International, Culture Creative was commissioned to create and manage the opening launch event for this new £100m visitor attraction. The Titanic was built to commemorate 100 years since the sinking of the ship. Working with White Light, Culture Creative commissioned Seeper to project on six facades of one of the most complex building surfaces in the world created from three thousand different shaped panels. At the time, this was the most ambitious projection project in Europe. Crowds in excess of 60,000 came to the event which included a fireworks display from The World Famous.


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