Tanner Woodford

Tanner Woodford is founder and executive director of the Design Museum of Chicago. As a designer, educator, and entrepreneur, he has taught, lectured, and led workshops on design issues, social change, and design history in classrooms and at conferences. He teaches Design Thinking For Social Change at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and describes himself as irrepressibly optimistic, believing design to have the capacity to fundamentally improve the human condition.

Pride & Promise — 2020 Heritage Christmas Tree 

Chicago's six-pointed star resonates deeply across our culture. It takes the form of guitars, tattoos, t-shirts, soccer teams — even our NYE "ball" is a star! Though they technically represent four major historical events on our flag, in practice they represent the pride and promise we feel in our community and home. Composed of hundreds of Chicago stars, the 2020 Heritage Christmas Tree will be 35’ tall, 20’ in diameter, internally and externally lit, relatable to a very large audience, and chock full of the hope that we really need right now.


Pride & Promise

Lightscape, Chicago Botanic Garden