Studio Vertigo

Studio Vertigo is a collaboration between Lucy McDonnell and Stephen Newby, who work internationally to create light installations and sculpture.

Their work questions the relationship between objects, viewers, and their environment, and last year their work was commissioned for Amsterdam Light Festival, Lumiere Durham, DNLights, Nightfall and the Uppsala Light Festival in Sweden. 

Heart of Stars was part of our Christmas at Kew trail in 2016. 'Orizuro' is new work (ori- “folded”, tsuru “crane”) and represents a mystical creature in Japanese culture that is said to live for a thousand years and represents good fortune and longevity. 

Orizuro (Origami Cranes) is a symbol of hope and healing through challenging times.


Heart of Stars 

Christmas at Blenheim

'Orizuru' Origami Cranes 

Christmas at Stourhead