Lantern Company

The Lantern Company is a leading UK outdoor arts organisation, works locally, nationally and internationally, bringing artists and communities together to create spectacular day & night-time events, parades, illuminated installations and visual theatre, ranging from intimate encounters to large-scale mass participatory events.

Glowing Cyclamen

One of the quiet pleasures of winter is the discovery of delicate and beautiful cyclamen flowers unfurling on woodland floors across the country. This outbreak of giant glowing cyclamen flowers are in celebration of one of the most magical of moments of winter.

Host of Butterflies

Discover a host of butterflies, with colourful hand-painted designs, directly inspired by nature. The magical glowing insects are delicately perched amongst the trees, ephemeral vibrant and beautiful in equal measure.


Glowing Cyclamens

Christmas at the Botanics

Host of Butterflies

Christmas at Dunham Massey