Brandin Hurley

Brandin is a Chicago based installation artist who creates magical, theatrical, whimsically elegant displays, installations, murals, and light boxes. Her installation for this year's Lightscape draws on that sense of wonder and magic that cause us to be struck again and again by the unbelievable beauty and surrealism of the cosmos.

Brandin’s work, is often inspired by the seemingly eternal and awe-inspiring patterns in both nature and mythology, featuring intricate and ethereal worlds based around historical and mythological women, particularly those with strong connections to the natural world. These installations are magically surreal, displaying the power, duality, and vast range of female ability and personality; they allow the fusion and exploration of not only a fascinating and unique woman in mythology, but of the delicacy and power of the natural world.


No matter the changes that occur in the world surrounding the gardens, what hovers above has remained constant. The stars and moon have been a perpetual presence, inspiring stories and wonder since humans walked the earth. The feeling of bodily connection with nature that comes from being among trees and flowers is inextricably linked to the existential wonder that the stars inspire. The stars, moon, and sun are a connection to every person who has walked the paths of the garden in the decades before us; a link to every person who has been inspired by the wonder and beauty of the world.

This installation strikes us with the unbelievable beauty and surrealism of the cosmos. It consists of a glowing crescent moon, suspended from the bridge, creating a reflection in the water below. A smattering of stars on the grass, as if fallen from the sky. Some of the stars connect into huge constellations that fill the grassy hills and surround the viewer.



Lightscape, Chicago Botanic Garden